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Character Rules

Post by Angelfish (King Of Blood) on Thu Feb 25, 2016 5:46 pm

These are the character rules. Make sure to read the site and roleplay rules if you have not.

→Your character cannot be fictitious. No unicorns, dragons, nothing like that.←

→You have to make the same amount of both genders. They can be different species, but genders must be equal (only exception is made with cubs.)←

→Your character is automatically straight. Sorry guys, but this is all about survival, and to have a mate of the opposite gender is like an instinct.←

→Characters can have crushes on any species, but mates with their own. A wolf can have a crush on a horse, but has to have a wolf mate.←

→Please stick with canines or another carnivorous species.←

→When posting your character(s)'s references, do them on seperate topics.←

→Include in your reference: Name, Age, Species, An image, History, and Gender. You are welcome to do much more than that, but that's as low as you may go.←

→Characters can only become pregnant during their heat. You may decide, but wolves follow the birth of their prey's cubs with their own, so they birth during late winter (and mate at all throughout fall.)←

→Make them original!←

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