Territory- Harbour

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Territory- Harbour

Post by Angelfish (King Of Blood) on Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:25 am

The territory of the Harbour group is either very rocky, or very flat, both covered in snow. No one knows why, but the snow remains all year. During winter, it is at it's thickest, and summer it is only a few inches, but nonetheless, there is snow.

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Post by tiny moose on Tue Mar 22, 2016 10:24 am

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accompanied by a dull sloshing sound and the rhythemic inhale-exhale of her breathing, grier pressed through the wet snow in a general patrol of the area. she hadn't been instructed to preform this act, but was merely acting on impulse. her paranoia flared and therefore sent her into a panic induced trip around the finite territory of the harbours. her short legs had gotten soaked due to the melted snow, a soupy mixture of rock and dirt. "curse summer and it's melting of the snow, just what i wanted to deal with; swimming around until fall arrives." grier had grown accustomed to the harbour territory's permanent snow policy, but still despised the liquid-like state the summer snow took on. in all honesty she'd rather take on the winter snows again, the ones that layered high above her head and forced her to tunnel through like a mole through the earth, the ones that froze her paws and created little icicles on her fur. but alas, one cannot have winter without a summer, so she must bear through this warmer time.
grier paused on the bay of the river, the one that connected both the harbour and the essence somewhere further down the line, and used her paws to clear away bits of the soupy snow. she pushed the gray matter into the river and took a seat where most of it once sat, bits still remained and the ground held it's cold but grier didn't mind. gee flickered her dark ears around while her head rotated to observe the area. nothing. not an unexpected outcome. the she-wolf huffed slightly and turned her mix-matched eyes to the flowing water before her. the middle flowed openly, carrying stray bits of ice along with it, while the edges remained firm, still frozen but obviously weaker than when it was coldest. where grier sat, however, the side had already gone. posssibly due to her dumping the snow sludge onto it. so she leaned downward and lapped at the water with her eyes closed. it stung her throat slightly, the extreme cold of it reacting with her warmer body, but again she minded none. she loved the cold nature of this place, her home. brutal at it's worst and yet slightly forgiving when being attacked by the sun's rays.
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