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cyr // essence // runner

Post by tiny moose on Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:45 pm

B a s i c s

full name: cyricus. [sear · i · cas]
nicknames: cyr, most others only know him as such.
gender: brute.
age: four years.
birthday: april 9.
breed: red fox.
position: runner for essence.

A p p e a r a n c e

coat coloration: multiple shades of dull orange with white scattered throughout; darkest around the eyes, along the spine, and atop the head while lightest when close to or directly touching the off white underside.
height: fifteen inches at the shoulder.
weight: twenty-eight lbs.
distinct markings: the ending of both ears transition suddenly into black just at the tip of the tail and lanky legs do. a solid, off-white patch stretches from the muzzle to the inside of the hind legs, always laying on the underside
iris color: varying shades of amber ranging from darkest along the pupil to lightest near the whites of the eyes. small brown flecks, almost like freckles, are scattered throughout but are hardly visible unless nose-to-nose
physique: on the smaller side for a male and hardly larger than the average female, cyr can be considered petite. feminine almost. his frame is slender, legs lanky and quick with an arching stomach, perfect for slipping into crevices or maneuvering with speed through the maze of trees that is the essence territory.

D i g g i n g D e e p e r

sexual orientation: heterosexual.
preference: anyone who can keep up with him. he isn't hard to please.
crush: none at the moment.
mate: unless mother is returning with another group, then no. most likely not considering there are no other of his kind present.
personality: cyr is definitley an up and out type, he hardly ever takes a moment to breathe as he always finds something to busy his time with. sever adhd causes him to constantly move and supply himself with brief tasks, though his memory is quite impressive which makes him an elite messanger. despite being male, cyr's behavior can often be defined as feminine in nature, odd but true. he can lose his train of thought in the time it takes to blink but can recover it just as quickly, sometimes needing a vauge reminder of what he was talking about or doing to remember. life is constanly moving with this one, no time to stop and smell the roses unless they're coming with him.
kin: a difficult question to answer beings that mother had taken him from earth some years ago. the only family he knows is the essence clan.
history: anything beyond the metallic walls of mother is foreign to the fox. he honestly cannot remember anything besides the silver panels of the ship, of which there were niney-six finely welded together if his memory serves correctly. he spent a fair amount of time counting and recounting those panels. adhd, did i mention that? there were no windows or else he would have began counting the stars on their travel to learium. wait, what was i talking about again?
other: cyr's talking can become extremely fast paced, just be prepared, it turns to jumbled half words if not corrected.
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