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grier // harbour // boulder

Post by tiny moose on Sun Feb 28, 2016 8:47 pm

B a s i c s

full name: grierium.
nicknames: grier, just easier that way. a reserved nickname, gee, is only for specific animals to call her. one would be her mate, if she had one.
gender: fae.
age: four years.
birthday: september 10.
breed: labrador wolf.
position: boulder for harbour.

A p p e a r a n c e

coat coloration: varying grays, ranging form coal dust to old ashes. around her face is the lightest point and from there on it grows darker and darker. the normal coloring of a common wolf.
height: two feet at the shoulder.
weight: ninety-eight lbs.
distinct markings: somewhat light ovals surrounding both her eyes, a mask if you will, and a dark v starting from her eyebrows and connecting upon her chest. in just about the same color as the v, gee's ears are also very dark.
iris color: heterochromia iridum, or the different coloration of the irises leaves the owner with two different colored eyes. in grier's case she has a normal bright amber eye, the right, and a murky green eye, the left.
physique: being of a subspecies of grey wolf, grier is relativley the same size as a smaller gray wolf, though she has built up more muscle mass and has thicker fur to make her appear larger than she actually is and aid her with her job within the snow filled lands of the harbour territory.

D i g g i n g D e e p e r

sexual orientation: heterosexual.
preference: the strong, silent type? maybe, not much thought has been put into it beings she is not fit to have a mate.
crush: none at the moment, but why try?
mate: a direct cause of her infertility, grier is one of the permanate residents of the 'no mate' list.
personality: this fae is a bit more reserved than the usual. she has no one to impress so she does not show off or converse unless absolutley necessary. grier simply does her job then returns to the iced cave she calls home with her other companions, usually returning to a small dead end she has claimed as her own. not much for interaction, it is rare to see grier out and among the other harbours' without good reason. she is simply a ghost in the snow. [mcr reference that hopefully someone else will understand]
kin: there is the chance of some remaining on earth. probably.
history: practically the same as everyone else's. only knowing of herself being taken from earth while still young and remaining sheltered inside mother until being deposited onto learium. simple really.
other: due to a chromosomal abnormailty grier is unable to reproduce successfully, rendering herself useless to the harbour clan in that sense.
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