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Post by Angelfish (King Of Blood) on Thu Feb 25, 2016 5:46 pm

Welcome to Learium, a roleplay. Do take a look at the character and roleplaying rules if you have not.

→This is a roleplay. Not a place to advertise, sell stuff, nothing. You can chat, but please try to keep talk for the reason you're here.(rp)←

→Do not create new threads, unless you're given permission to.←

→Cussing can be used, but sparingly. No racial slurs or derogatory language. It does not have to be blurred out. Words such as "God" and "Lord" should be left out, as terms for one's religion should not be used in a poor fashion.←

→Spamming is frowned upon greatly. If you double post, please edit or remove it.←

→If you see someone breaking the rules, PM me. If someone already said "They broke a rule" on the actual thread, then you don't need to add your two cents. Plus saying "Don't do that""You broke a rule" etc is considered spam.←

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