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Roleplaying Rules

Post by Angelfish (King Of Blood) on Thu Feb 25, 2016 5:47 pm

Welcome to the roleplay, Learium.

Let's start off with the roleplay rules. If you have not already, please read the Forum and Character rules. Thank you.

→Gore is allowed, but if the user is uncomfortable, please do not continue. Courtesy.←

→Birth scenes are okay. Again, if a user is uncomfortable, please tone it down or do not continue.←

→Mating is not to be described publicly, but if both users are fine with it, you may continue through PM. Do NOT create a thread for it, and/or go against the other's wills.←

→You must post twice a week, and keep yourself up with the story line. If this is not available, PM me. It will go on a case by case basis. No one is responsible if you miss a large chunk of plot. If wished, send a PM to an active member on the forum. They do not have to respond if they wish to.←

→Your character is not perfect. They cannot dodge every blow, and break bones instantly. When in a battle, make your move and wait for the response.←

→Along with posting twice a week, I expect you to be a decent writer. Writer's block is not an excuse. When you post, I expect to feel as if I was there. A decent paragraph, minimum.←

→No fancy posts, and correct grammer. You can center your posts, and color them, but not tiny, italicized, text talk, nothing. Have your post typed like a book.←

→Drama is encouraged, greatly in fact, but for major things, send a PM to me, or a moderator. Again, it will be taken on as a case by case basis, but normally things that involve mass murdering is frowned upon (unless there are many characters floating aimlessly in space)←

→Questions or concerns, find someone with a colored name tag!←

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