Border - Harbour + Essence

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Border - Harbour + Essence

Post by Angelfish (King Of Blood) on Sat Feb 27, 2016 11:19 pm

This is the border of the two groups, Harbour and Essence. If seen, you will be killed without question. This area is extremely tense, and prone to many battles. It is also a brilliant place to meet in secret, if one is careful.

The ground is bare, but the stream is overflowing, so much as that you would not know where the rocks were. Young animals are not permitted near here during this time because of the flooding and fast moving current. Small yellow flowers grow in groups here and there.

The stream is significantly slower, and the rocks are clearly visible. Grass covers the land, and all or most flowers are gone.

The grass begins to turn brown, the stream cold and slow moving. Evergreen trees hold their leaves, while others start to turn beautiful shades of red and brown.

The ground is heavily laden with snow, and the stream is frozen over. At some points, the water still runs underneath the ice.

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